Our Vision

This brief video explains our vision and purposes.


Meet the Team

We are a group of James Madison University students taking Supply Chain Management.  Our purpose is to use our class resources to bring support and relief to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Sourcing/ Procurement

The sourcing team will liaison with donors to provide logistical support in order to get donations into the hands of volunteers.

Logistics/ Distribution/ Warehousing

Our responsibilities include the storing, transporting, tracking of supplies as we receive them as well as ship them out.

Project Management

The project management team is responsible for keeping track of the project and making sure that its objectives are completed on time.

Social Media

We are responsible for keeping the students as well as potential donors informed on our projects mission and ways that they can be involved.


We are tasked with putting together a powerpoint that will be shown to perspective donors that seeks to receive gifts-in-kind.  We are also responsible for directing any monetary donations to charitable organizations.

Next Step...

Please contact us if you have an interest in donating any of the tools on our Mud-Out Kit list.